On occasion, students fail to submit Bonner Scholar Program (BSP) cycle requirements by the deadline set by BSP staff. While BSP staff holds the right to withhold stipends in light of not meeting these requirements, we believe that by implementing a Grace Card policy (see details below), students will see their tardiness as a learning opportunity while maintaining needed scholarship funds.

Policy Details

At the first monthly meeting of year, each Bonner Scholar will receive a physical Grace Card. In the event they submit BSP requirements (see below) past the deadline set by BSP staff, a Grace Card can be submitted once per academic year in order to deter the penalty of not receiving a cycle stipend. The late requirement will still need to be submitted.

The Grace Card can be applied in the following instances:


  • Handing in a late reflection


  • A failure by a student to sign an hour log by the end of the cycle (a lack of a site supervisor signature will delay payment, but it is not required that you submit a Grace Card in this instance)

Community Learning Agreement (CLA)

  • Not turning in a CLA draft by the end of Cycle 1
  • Not revising a CLA by the end of Cycle 2

Monthly Meetings

  • Not attending a monthly meeting (unexcused absence)
  • Not handing in a monthly meeting make-up assignment on-time (in the event of an excused monthly meeting absence)

First-year mandatory meetings

  • Not attending a mandatory First-year meeting (unexcused absence). Meetings to be determined by BSP coordinator.
  • Not completing the make-up work of a mandatory First-year meeting (in the event of an excused absence)

The Grace Card does NOT apply to:

  • Students who have submitted insufficient service and enrichment hours in any given cycle
  • Summer Service

Applying a Grace Card

Students who wish to use the Grace Card towards a tardy cycle requirement must meet with the BSP coordinator within 14 days of the cycle ending.

Grace cards can only be applied to a maximum of one tardy requirement during the course of one cycle. Submitting multiple program requirements late will result in an automatic forfeiture of a stipend.

Students who are placed on probation during the course of the academic year will forfeit the ability to use their Grace Card.