13) Troubleshoot

Troubleshooting Supervisor Signatures: the 3 Common Mistakes

Written Instructions

First Common Mistake

You forgot to sign your hours. This prevents your site supervisor from creating an electronic signature.

1) To resolve the this issue, simply go to your hour log

2) Select the “Report” tab at the top

3) Scroll to the bottom and enter your name in the text box.  By doing this, you are signing your hours.

Second Common Mistake

You did not log the hours connected to your site supervisor as CLA hours.  If the majority of your calendar is blue, that means that you logged your hours as non-CLA.  Or you could scroll down the screen to see which events you logged as CLA or non-CLA.  Under the “Type” column, it should clarify which event was CLA or non-CLA.

1) Delete all of your blue entries, or non-CLA entries if they are intended to be connected to your site supervisor.

2)  Be sure to refer to the “How to Delete and Edit an Entry” video to properly eliminate these entries.

3) Once you have eliminated your non-CLA entries, go to “Primary Position” on your hour log and select your community partner if they are associated with your site supervisor.

***You could also watch the “How to Log CLA Hours” to assure that you log them correctly.

Third Common Mistake

You did not select your Site Supervisor when you created your CLA.

1) See if this is the case, go to your “Community Learning Agreement” on the left hand side under “Student Menu” in BWBRS.

2) Then select the CLA that you are having difficulty with.

3) Scroll down to see if you have selected a site supervisor.

If you have, you will see the name of your supervisor and this is not the issue.  If you haven’t this area will be blank, with just parenthesis.

4) In order to resolve this, you will need to add your site supervisor to your CLA.  First, look under “CLA Information” to see the status of your CLA.  If your status is “Active” then you may not be able to solve your issue until you contact a Bonner staff member.  Be sure to tell them to change your CLA’s status to “Proposed” so that you can edit it.

5) Once the status has been changed to “Proposed”, go to “Available Actions”

6) select “Edit CLA.”  Your CLA will then load into an editable format.

7) Scroll to the bottom and select your site supervisor. Be sure his or her name is highlighted when you select their name.

8) When you are done, click save.

**If after reviewing these three common issues and your site supervisor is still unable to sign your hour log, please contact a Bonner Staff member.