How to Delete or Edit an Hour Log Entry

*Remember, your hour log must be “unsigned” before you can change an entry. See the Written Instructions below. 

Written Instructions

1. First, make sure that the hour log entry has not been signed (or approved with a signature). If so, the signature must be removed by the person who signed the hour log. For example, a student signed the hour log and a staff member signed the hour log afterwards, the staff member would have to unsign the hours first, and then the student would have to unsign their hours. Once this is complete, a student can change the time and/or CLA that the entry is assigned to.

2. To change the entry, do the following:

  • First, select a specific entry by clicking on “hour log” and then select a specific date under the “complete hours log” header.
  • If you entered the incorrect date on your hour log, change the date under the “Add log entry” header. Be sure that it does not conflict with another date, and click “Save Changes”
  • If you entered the incorrect time, you have to delete the whole entry and then re-enter the date and times all over again.  To do that simply select the entry and click “Delete Entry.” Then, enter a new entry with the correct time.