Federal Work Study funds are used to pay student employees who have received a FWS award as part of their need-based financial aid package. The Financial Aid Office determines a student’s eligibility award amount.

Getting Started

First-time FWS students must go to Financial Aid (located in Sarah Brunet Hall) to complete the FWS paperwork so they can be approved to work on campus. All the forms you will need are in the Financial Aid office.  The documents you must complete are:

  • State income tax form
  • Federal income tax form
  • I-9 form (to prove citizenship.) To complete the I-9 form, you must present unexpired original documents to prove that you can work in the U.S. No copies or faxes are acceptable.  Pick a document from column B and C or you can pick a standalone document from column A.

After you meet with Financial Aid and complete the appropriate paperwork, you will be issued a Release to Work form, which should be brought to the Bonner office and given to Debbie.

Getting Paid

Below are the steps you need to take to get paid.  Familiarize yourself with the FWS calendar to ensure you are submitting hours on time.

  1. Serve hours at your community partner
  2. Log your FWS hours into Bannerweb (see directions below). Do not log travel time (those hours don’t count)
  3. Log your FWS hours into BWBRS. You can log travel time in BWBRS
  4. Have your site supervisor e-sign your hours in BWBRS

Logging FWS Hours in Bannerweb 

  1. Log onto Banner
  2. Click on Employee Information
  3. Click on Time Sheet
  4. Select the position for which you will be entering time
  5. Select the appropriate pay period from the drop down list
  6. Click on Time Sheet at the bottom.
  7. Enter the hours that you worked for that position by clicking on the appropriate day on the Regular Hours row. A pop-up box will prompt you for your “IN” and “OUT” time(s) for the day. Continue this process for each day you worked. Remember that you cannot count travel time, only direct service at your specified site. Do not hit Submit until you have entered all of your time for the pay period. If you hit Submit in error before you have finished entering all of your time for the period, just ask your supervisor to return the timesheet to you for correction.
  8. Click on Save Hours or Units button.
  9. Once you have finished entering hours for the pay period, click Submit. You will be prompted to enter your PIN again as a certification. You MUST do this in order for your approver to be able to access and approve your timesheet.

Direct Deposit 

If you are interested in direct deposit (which is strongly recommended), bring a check from your checkbook and complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  You will be paid much quicker.