9) Exploration Guide

How to Use the Exploration Guide

Written Instructions

1) First, go to urbonner.wordpress.com.

2) Under the resources tab, you’ll find a link titled, “Exploration Guide.” When you click this link, you’ll be asked for a secret password.You should have received this password during one of your Bonner 101 sessions.  If not, please contact the Bonner staff.

3) Slowly scroll down this page, you’ll see five primary headers: exploration schedule, exploration placements, carpool contact info, cancellation instructions, and site supervisor information.

For our purposes, it is best to stick with the “Agenda” view.

4) Make sure that I’m viewing the appropriate date range. Next, scroll through the list of names until you find your name. You’ll be able to see the details of your service on that particular day.

5) Note that you have the option of copying this event to your personal calendar. If you decide to copy it to your calendar, you can also create custom alerts to help remind you of your schedule. You should find your name listed about 1-2 times per week.

6)  If you cannot make it to your community partner, you do need to cancel an exploration placement. Be sure to read these cancellation instructions. These instructions provide you a sample email that you can copy and forward to your site supervisor.