How to Create a Calendar

Written Instructions

1) Log into your Richmond email and click “calendar” on the navigation bar up top.

2) To the right of “My Calendars” on your left-hand side, click the drop down arrow and select “Create New Calendar”.

3) Title your calendar “[Your Name] – Academic Calendar.  Then select “create calendar” above, to complete the process.

4) To enter your classes, go to“My calendars” scroll over your Academic Calendar and click on the arrow to the right.

5) Then select “create event on this calendar”

6) In the text box that says “Untitled Event”, type the name of your class. Then insert the starting date and time.

7) Under that, be sure to check the box that says “Repeat”. A window should then pop up for more information.

8) Select the “on” button under the section “ends”.  You can then enter the date the class ends.

9) After your end time is entered, select done and then save your event. Repeat as necessary.