Each semester, Bonners write a Community Learning Agreement (CLA). The purpose of a CLA is to provide space for students to reflect about and outline their primary (service) objectives and learning goals for the semester.  CLAs also create an opportunity for Bonners and site supervisors to discuss work responsibilities and service goals.

How to Create a CLA (Community Learning Agreement)

Written Instructions

1) Go to Richmond.bwrbs.org.

2)Use your Richmond email and password to access the site.

3) Then go to “Community Learning Agreements” under the Student Menu on the left-hand side.

4) Go to “available actions” in the upper right hand corner

5) Select “Add a Community Learning Agreement”.  It should be your first option.

6) Before selecting your organization, make sure you are in the correct term.

7) Then you can select your primary organization.

**Be sure, when selecting a position, that you select the position with the right stage.  For example, a first year would choose a position associated with “exploration”, a second year or a second semester first year would select a position associated with “experience, a third year would select “example”, and a fourth year would select “expertise”.

8) Once you have selected the position associated with your primary organization, your community learning agreement will show up.

9) Be sure that you click on your site supervisor even if there is only one option.  The name will be highlighted once you have correctly selected your supervisor. If you do not select a site supervisor, your hour log cannot be signed.

10) Fill in your primary objective and your learning goals.

11) Under your primary objective, choose the tab “objective” and select the description chosen for your site.  If it does not describe your actual objective, please leave it blank.  In the description be sure to have correct grammar and write in first person.  Your objectives will be reviewed by your site supervisor.

11) Continue to “learning goals” and select two objectives for your goals.  Be sure to focus on a skill, knowledge area, or learnable trait that you will develop during the semester. Make sure your goals are measurable and that it is also written in first person.

12) When you are done with your CLA, click “save” to complete it.

13) Your site supervisor will need to sign your CLA before the end of cycle 1 (fall semester) and cycle 4 (spring semester).


CLAs with punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes will not be accepted. In addition, please only check the boxes that are relevant to your goals. All boxes that do not pertain to your goals should be left blank or unchecked.

Primary Objectives (service objectives) are what you hope to accomplish through service.  They are your service goals.  Here is an example: I will assist the case worker with 3-4 cases of refugee resettlement over the course of the semester. Specifically, I will prepare housing, house furnishings, and enroll refugees in ESL and workforce development classes in an effort to help them assimilate into society.

Learning Goals focus on a skill, knowledge area, or learnable trait that you will develop during the semester.  It’s about what you learn through service and less about what you’ll do during service.  Here is an example: During this semester-long internship, I will enhance my knowledge about refugee resettlement process, specifically the organizational planning required to prepare to welcome refugees.

Make sure your primary objectives and learning goals are SMART:

  • Specific:  Indicate what you will be doing, for how long, with whom and for what purpose
  • Measurable:  Mention the intended result or impact
  • Actionable:  Write objectives/goals in the active tense
  • Realistic:  Ensure your objective are tenable for the time period of the project and hours involved.  If you mention a specific impact, you will be asked to report on it later
  • Timebound:  Try to mention how much time is involved, in a summary sense (e.g., 10 weeks) or what may be achieved over a specific time period.

Moving Hours to a New/Different CLA

1. Go to http://www.bwbrs.org

2. Go to Hour Logs under Student Menu

3. Click Report tab

4. Click drop down menu and select Un-sign all hours

  • Site supervisor must un-sign hours before Bonner
5. Click Log Entry tab
6.Click on the date for the hours you’d like to edit
7. Click drop down menu under Primary Position (CLA) and select appropriate CLA
8. Repeat for all needed hour log edits