10) Community Partner App

How to Apply to a Community Partner

NOTE: Students need to upload a pdf version of their resume, in addition to three cover letters. Please use the following naming convention: Jesse_Siebentritt_Resume.pdf

Written Instructions

1) Go to careerservices.richmond.edu.

2) On the bottom left-hand site, click on the “Résumé and resources” section.

3) Under the “career documents” tab, select “cover letters”.

4) A window should then pop up with pdf instructions on how to make a great cover letter. Use this as your guide when creating your cover letter.

5) Once you are done with your cover letter, upload it to SpiderConnect

6) To upload your cover letter onto SpiderConnect, return to careerservices.richmond.edu

7) Select the “jobs and internships” tab up top.

8) Once your screen has finished loading, click “SpiderConnect” section.

9) When you are logged in, click on the “documents” tab near the top of the screen.

10) Click on the “add new” tab to upload your cover letter.

11) Label your cover letter with your last name(underscore)the community partner you are writing to, and the appropriate rank.  For example,

Smith _ CHAT (for his/her service site) and 1 because it was the first choice.

12) Then click the “browse” button to upload your cover letter.

13) Once you are done, click the “submit” button to upload it.

14) Repeat this process until you have uploaded three cover letters.