Exploration Dress Code

By default: Business Casual

You want to present yourself to your site supervisors as professional. First and foremost, you are exploring these organizations so that you can apply for a position at the end of exploration. Treat these exploration opportunities as interviews. If you realize later on that your site allows for a dress code more casual or your site supervisor tells you so, you can dress down.

For guys: Khakis or dress pants with a polo or button down Blazers and sweat vests are great, though not entirely necessary. No athletic shorts and t-shirts.

For ladies: Dresses and skirts of appropriate length (no sundresses) Khakis and dress pants are acceptable with blouses, sweaters, etc. No flip-flops or sneakers.

Schools and Tutoring Programs:

Modest Business Casual (especially during school hours).

Remember you are working with impressionable young girls and boys (especially in middle-high school). You want to be a role model for these children and should act as such. Females should refrain from wearing excessively form-fitting clothing or exposing a lot of skin (no plunging necklines, short skirts or dresses, or crop tops). During school hours, you want to follow a similar guideline to what a teacher would wear.

Sites: Henderson Middle School*, Higher Achievement*, Carver Promise, Church Hill Activities and Tutoring*, Overby-Shephard, John Marshall*, St. Andrew’s School, Youth Life, William Byrd, Salvation Army.


Shalom Farms, Tricycle Gardens, WBCH Farmlet, and James River Park Systems. Although you may want to dress business casual for tours and information sessions, these sites require work that would allow for casual attire, but remember you are still representing the Bonner program and our University. Don’t wear ripped or dirty clothing–still look presentable.