The Bonner Action Group (BAG) is composed of 4 senior interns, 2 Bonner Congress representatives, and 8 class representatives (2 per class).

Senior Interns

Senior interns plan and facilitate all BSP planning, serve as class advisors, and manage independent projects vital to our program. Your senior interns are:

Starr Miyata (Freshman class advisor)

Emily Blevins (Sophomore class advisor)

Samiul Huque (Junior class advisor)

Hadya Abdul Satar (Senior class advisor)

Bonner Congress Representatives

Bonner Congress representatives represent UR Bonners to the national Bonner network. Each year, in conjunction with BSP staff, they plan and carry out one “Big Idea.” They serve two year terms. Your Bonner Congress representatives for the next 2 years are:

Jhewel Fernandez, class of 2014

Elizabeth Leggett, class of 2015

Class Representatives

Two class representatives per class liaise between BSP staff and their class. They are responsible for:

  • Planning cornerstones
  • Planning and co-facilitating class meetings (review curriculum)
  • Approving community fund applications (review process)
  • Planning 1-2 community building activities for their class per year

Freshman class representatives: Catherine Cunha and Regina Belle Cavada

Sophomore class representatives: Ryan Foulds and Jesse Siebentritt

Junior class representatives: Rachel Brown and Kayla Miller

Senior class representatives: TBD