*This information can also be found on page 22 and 26 of the Bonner Scholar Handbook.*


Living Stipend

A total of $2,000 per Bonner Scholar is allocated to cover summer living and travel expenses during full-time summer service.  (Typically, this is split between two summers of service, in $1,000 increments. First-year students can only access $1,000 their first summer).

The Summer Living Stipend is intended to assist students with summer living costs such as:

  • Room and board/rent/lodging
  • Transportation expenses (plane tickets, train tickets, mileage)
  • Incidental fees (training fees, passport and immunization fees related to travel abroad, supplies, etc.)

All students must submit a proposed Summer Living/Travel Budget to the Bonner Coordinator for approval via the online application on SpiderConnect. The Bonner Staff reserves the right to renegotiate the proposed budget. The Summer Living Stipend will be paid to students by UR’s accounts payable department via check or direct deposit in mid-May.

Scholars choosing to do a fellowship the summer before their junior or senior year may choose to apply for the $500 Rising Senior stipend or the $1000 Junior/Senior leadership fund.

If there is an outstanding balance in the Bonner Scholar’s Summer Living Stipend account after their third summer, those unused funds will be returned to the Bonner Foundation.

Students who request the Summer Living Stipend but do not complete the necessary hours of service will be required to return the Summer Living Stipend allocated to them.

Replacement Bonners are expected to complete one summer service experience.  Replacement Scholars are eligible for $1,000 towards their Summer Living Stipend. Replacement Scholars also have the option of completing a second summer service experience for which they may request an additional $1,000 Summer Living Stipend.  Replacement Scholars may not request more than $1000 for their first summer of service.

Earnings Stipend

Up to $1,500 is provided to each Bonner Scholar for two summers of full-time service ($3,000 total). These funds are allocated for students after fulfilling the summer’s 280-hour requirement.

Failure to complete two summers of service experiences will result in a reduced loan reduction (does not include replacement scholars).



1. Complete the online application by the spring deadline on SpiderConnect (includes proposed Summer Living/Travel Budget). Students must serve with an approved organization (nonprofit and/or government). Visit the UR Bonner website, and look under “Service – Summer Fellowship” for the online application.

2. In order for living stipend funds to be released, students must submit a signed CLA on BWBRS.

Additional Pre-service requirements for students traveling outside of the United States:

3.  Meet with Chris Klein ( in the Office of International Education (OIE) to ensure the country you are traveling to is approved by the University (and fill out a petition if necessary).
4. Attend an OIE information session in April about traveling abroad (includes information about insurance).
5. Purchase required health insurance (includes basic travel insurance).
6. Fill out the necessary online forms required by OIE.

Requirements during service

1. Serve a minimum of 280 hours over six to eight weeks (a minimum of 30 hours per week). (Travel to and from a Scholar’s summer service site does not count as hours served.  This also includes hours spent traveling to an international service site or another service site that requires a long flight.). All hours must be logged and signed off on by your site supervisor in BWBRS.

2. Complete a partner evaluation by the indicated deadline. (See the webpage “Service – Summer Fellowship” for a link and deadline details.)