The Bonner Scholars Program is a four-year community engagement initiative that provides financial support to students for a total of eight semesters and two summers. The following breakdown assumes that the Bonner has met all Program expectations.

Academic Year

Bonners who met all cycle requirements earn up to $2,500 per academic year. The stipends are disbursed in six equal payments of roughly $417.


Bonner Scholars are guaranteed funding for two summer internships that meet the Bonner Foundation’s guidelines (see “service > prohibited activities”). This funding comes in the form of a $1000 living stipend and $1500 earning stipend for a grand total of $2500, per internship. (Note: Walk-on Scholars are expected to complete and guaranteed funding for one summer internship.)

Living Stipend

The living stipend is allocated at the start of the internship and intended to cover living and travel expenses, such as:

  • Room and board/rent/lodging

  • Transportation expenses (plane tickets, train tickets, mileage)

  • Incidental fees (training fees, passport and immunization fees related to travel abroad, supplies, etc.)

Earnings Stipend

The earnings stipend is disbursed to each Bonner Scholar once their summer internship has been completed. Failure to complete two summer internships will result in a $500 reduction of the Scholar’s Loan Reduction fund. (If a walk-on scholar fails to complete one summer internship, they will also receive a $500 reduction of the Scholar’s Loan Reduction fund.)

By Request

There are five sources of funding that Bonners have access to that supports their community engagement: Loan Reduction Fund, Rising Senior Stipend, travel reimbursement, the Community Fund, and the Conference Fund.

Loan Reduction Fund

Up to $2,000 is available to reduce each Bonner Scholar’s total educational loan indebtedness at the time of graduation. The Loan Reduction Fund is disbursed through a University of Richmond check to the lender or graduate school on behalf of the student. University of Richmond loans will be paid back first.

Students who graduate with no educational loans are allowed to use their Loan Reduction Fund towards graduate study. This option must be used within seven years of graduation.

Note: Walk-on Scholars’ Loan Reduction Fund is calculated by multiplying the number of semesters they are Bonners by $250. For example, if a Walk-on becomes a Bonner Scholar during the fall of their junior year, they will be eligible for $1,000 in loan reduction funds.

Rising Senior Stipend

Rising senior Bonner Scholars may apply for an additional $500 to support their summer internship. This is available to seniors completing their required second summer internship or for students who wish to complete an eligible, optional third summer internship.

To receive this additional support, rising seniors must complete the Rising Senior Stipend section in the Summer Internship Funding application. The Bonner director will forward proposals to the Bonner Foundation for final approval.

Travel Reimbursement

The BSP subsidizes costs for Bonners who transport themselves to their respective service sites.  The maximum subsidy is $100 per academic year and can be reimbursed to students who drive their own car.

Community Fund

Through the Community Fund, grants are awarded to projects that Bonner Scholars are working on in conjunction with their community partner. Bonner Scholars may submit proposals for funding at any point during the academic year (see the Resources section on for a funding application). Students can submit multiple proposals, but they must not exceed a total of $1,000 per community partner.

Conference Fund

The Conference Fund provides financial support to Bonners for attending conferences that align with the mission and intent of the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement. The amount of available funding varies from semester to semester, but the most funding students can receive for a conference is $200.00. The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement will fund up to three attendees per conference on a first come, first serve basis (See the Resources section on for a funding application).

Federal Work Study (FWS)

Bonner Scholars who are eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) are able to use their Bonner hours as work study hours. They are paid work study money for doing the same service hours performed for Bonner requirements. If you’ve received an email from the Office of Financial Aid indicating that you qualify for this program, visit the How to . . . Log FWS Hours section on to get started.

Bonner AmeriCorps

Rising sophomores are invited to participate in the Bonner AmeriCorps program if they meet the requirements outlined by the Bonner Foundation. By participating, Bonners can receive approximately $1,200 in additional education funds by completing their regular, ongoing Bonner service. The enrollment term is 450 hours, which is completed during the Scholar’s sophomore year and summer.


U.S. Citizens

See IRS Publication 929 for current information:

Non-U.S. Individuals

See the Controller’s webpage for current information:

During the academic year (fall and spring), money is withheld from cycle payments for students who do not have U.S. citizenship. During summer service, students who do not have U.S. citizenship will not have money taken out of their stipends if they are doing an internship outside of the U.S.