GPA Requirements

Bonner Scholars are expected to maintain good academic standing. Each semester, BSP staff review grade reports. All grade reports are kept confidential and are only accessible by BSP staff.

BSP staff will confer with the respective dean of any Bonner Scholar whose cumulitive or semester grade point average falls below 2.5. BSP staff will follow the recommended course of action outlined by the deans; however, BSP staff reserves the right to enforce mandatory leave.


Students may take up to two semesters of leave and still remain eligible for the remainder of their Bonner funding. Leave is meant to provide Scholars the space to focus on other priorities outside of the BSP. The Foundation will cease allocating Bonner funding for students while they are on leave.

When a Bonner Scholar takes an extended leave from the program (more than 2 months), the Financial Aid Office must be notified so that the aid package can be adjusted accordingly.

When a Bonner Scholar takes a brief leave (fewer than 2 months), the Financial Aid Office does not need to be notified as it does not affect the student’s financial aid package.

Special circumstances will be considered on an individual basis for those students who need to suspend their service for a short period of time (less than a semester).


Students are placed on probation for a cycle when they lie, plagiarize, act inappropriately at or are dismissed from their community partner. In addition, inappropriate/unethical behavior in the Bonner Scholars Program is grounds for probation.

When a student is on probation, they forfeit their stipend. Students facing probation have a meeting with Bonner staff members and written documentation of the meeting and the probationary decision is placed in the student’s file.  Students on probation are encouraged but not required to continue participation in all Bonner activities.


Students are dismissal from the Bonner Scholars Program upon a third offense if they have already been placed on probation twice. Egregious behavior may warrant immediate dismissal.

Prior to dismissal, the Bonner Foundation is informed of the situation. A decision to dismiss a student is made in consultation with the Foundation.

Students facing dismissal have a meeting with Bonner staff members and written documentation of the meeting and the dismissal decision is placed in the student’s file.  Students who are dismissed from the Program forfeit all remaining stipends and loan reduction payment.

Grace Card

Over the course of the academic year (fall and spring semesters), students are expected to meet specific requirements in order to receive their stipends. While BSP staff holds the right to withhold stipends in light of not meeting requirements, the Grace Card allows students to see their lack of meeting Program expectations as a learning opportunity while maintaining needed funds.

Each fall semester, Bonner Scholars will receive one Grace Card for the academic year. In the event that students do not meet cycle requirements, the Grace Card can be submitted to deter the penalty of not receiving a cycle stipend. The Grace Card does not apply to students who have not completed sufficient service and enrichment hours in any given cycle.

Note, students who wish to use the Grace Card must meet with BSP staff. Students who are placed on probation  will forfeit the ability to use their Grace Card. Finally, Grace cards cannot be used for cornerstones, summer service or service abroad.