leadershape (app due 4/5)

From Adrienne Piazza, CCE program manager:

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You are invited to be apply to become a member the 2016 UR LeaderShape cohort. The LeaderShape Institute is a nationally recognized six-day leadership experience that will prepare you to lead with integrity, while developing a healthy disregard for the impossible. During this six-day experience you and approximately 60 other students from around the country will learn how to have a positive impact on society.

What past LeaderShapers are saying

“LeaderShape has given me more of a passion to be in positions of leadership and to implement the lessons I’ve learned and internalized. I ended up changing my major because I realized my interests are much more in line with knowing how people work and make decisions. It helped me focus my passion inside and outside work atmospheres.” Alex DeAbreu ‘18

“LeaderShape cultivated my passion for social justice, knowing what I can and cannot control, and taking steps to better my campus and leave a legacy.” Brittany McDermott ‘16

“LeaderShape allowed me the opportunity to take a step back from my organization and think of my school as community as a whole.” Emily Dietrick ‘16

I learned the ways in which fellow students are willing to help me and support my cause. I learned how to understand the strengths of people and how to leverage my network. I developed a concept of self-worth and a leadership model that helps people follow the vision.” Ismael Kagone ‘17

LeaderShape impacted me because it helped me to collaborate with others better in my various leadership roles.” Nicole Marzziotti ‘16