Art Carpet Event at Henderson Middle School on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Art Carpet Event is a project where our students create a temporary work of art made on the sidewalks around the school. The things they are to create should be images of things that have a universal meaning, no matter what language we speak.  We will be using sidewalk chalk and other items found in nature like sticks, pine cones, pebbles, acorns, etc. We would need adult volunteers there to help assist in keeping the students to stay on task and maybe with some ideas of what to do. The volunteers do not need any experience.  If you have any interested in volunteering, please contact:

Shelley V. Thompson

Site Coordinator

Communities In Schools of Richmond


We could use assistance during the following times:

9:38 – 10:43

1:03 – 2:08

2:11 – 3:15

Please check out the link for more information on the project: