Piankatank River Farms looking for an Intern

Piankatank River Farms is a commercial scale aquaponics venture located in Middlesex County, VA and sells products to the local and Richmond-area restaurants interested in organic, aquaponic produce. The owner is looking for an intern who would be excited to apply biology and chemistry classroom experience in the real world in a business context. The ideal candidate would have a strong work ethic and dreams of leveraging science and technology to contribute to solving real world problems like water scarcity, land use, fossil fuel abuse in agriculture and nutrient preservation, among others.

The tasks of the internship would include the following:
1. Starting seeds
2. Transferring seedlings from germination chamber to greenhouse, greenhouse to open air, open air to growbeds, etc.
3. Building and refining an Arduino based controller that monitors pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, flow, temperature, etc.
4. Optimizing and tending to terrestrial strawberry patch irrigated by static bed upflow filter and swirl separator effluent
5. Optimizing and monitoring tilapia feed rates for produce production
6. Customer interface and live produce delivery
7. Input and output M&V

The intern will also likely be exposed to renewable energy side projects.

To apply, reach out to John Koontz directly to learn more.  He can be reached at priverfarms@gmail.com