Smith Mountain Lake Good Neighbors Day Camp Summer Service Opportunity

The Good Neighbors Summer Day Camp (GNSDC) is a values-based program which seeks to develop good neighbor skills and values in children through programs that nourish, educate and support them through a united school and community effort.The camp is built around the Good Neighbors Curriculum and includes the following goals:

• To provide a nutritious food for children during summer months

• To provide assistance with communication skills – reading, writing, speaking

• To teach and model life skills for living peacefully with self and others.

• To teach children about the cultural diversity in our world.

• To help children recognize their capacity to make a difference in this world and to see their connection to a larger world.

There are two camps, one in Franklin County and one in Bedford County. Each camp is four weeks in length. The Bedford County Program will begin June 1, 2015 and run through June 26, 2015. The Franklin County program will begin June 29, 2015 and run through July 24, 2015. The camp operates from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Note: Interns will arrive and move into provided housing on May 20th and complete a week of in-service training.

If you are an Intern in the Good Neighbors family, you will:

• Be one of the primary Camp Facilitators/Leaders

• Be one of the principal facilitators/teachers of the Good Neighbors Curriculum

• Work closely with the volunteers

• Live with other interns in a house provided by Good Neighbors

• Work closely with the Program and Camp Directors

• Have days that begin early and end late

• Receive room and board plus a stipend of $2000

• Have almost no expenses

• Spend 10 weeks of exhausting, fulfilling work that may change your worldview and transform your life

For further information and intern application use the link below: