Senior Intern Applications (& Nominations)


The Bonner Scholar Program has five openings for the Senior Intern position during the 2015/2016 academic year.
Senior Interns play a vital role in administering and developing this program, with responsibilities ranging from communications and class advising to enrichment and hour log approval. We are looking for the most qualified candidates from the next Senior Class to apply. These candidates will have proven themselves organized and responsible leaders who work well as part of a team. Below, we’ve outlined some important details:
Job Description –  Follow this link for the full Senior Intern job description.
Nominations – If you are interested, we highly encourage you to nominate yourself, and if you know someone who would make a great Senior Intern, please nominate that person. All Bonners may nominate someone, but the nominee must be a senior. Silent nomination will take place at the next Monthly Meeting. If you cannot attend, you must send an email with the name of your nominee to Heather by Friday at 5pm during the week of that Monthly Meeting.
Applying – If nominated, you may accept your nomination by submitting a cover letter and résumé to Heather within two weeks of the Monthly Meeting nomination. If you do not submit a cover letter and résumé by that deadline, we will assume you have declined your nomination.
Interviews – Interviews will then take place the week immediately following Spring Break.
Class Reps – For those of you interested in the Class Representative positions for next year, we will hold elections early in the Fall semester, rather than applications this semester.
Please direct any questions about these positions to the Senior Interns, Class Representatives, and BSP staff.
Best of luck!