Public Art and Social Change in the River City – 1/2 unit class this spring!

What is the relationship between public art, community identity, and social change? What role does public art play in shaping a community’s narrative? In this class, students will explore these questions by participating in a curatorial team charged with designing and installing a mural about the James River along Cary Street. Building on the work of four cross-disciplinary classes this fall, and with the guidance of visiting artists in addition to course instructors, students will consider the role of the James River in Richmond’s public and private narratives, all through the lens of public art and the question of how art inspires civic dialogue. Enrollment is by permission of instructor. No prior artistic experience or ability necessary! (More information below.)


AMST 399: “Public Art and Social Change in the River City”

.5 units

W, 3-5:20, bi-weekly beginning January 14
THC, Think Tank