The REAL Change Organizing and Advocacy Fellowship to Fight Poverty

Why do 2.4 billion people live on less than $2 per day? Why are 1 in 5 children at risk of going to bed hungry in the richest nation on the planet? RESULTS’ mission is to create the public and political will to end poverty by empowering individuals to exercise their personal and political power for change. Become a REAL Change Fellow learn how to become a change maker who fights poverty at home and abroad.

RESULTS is looking for the next generation of young activists and leaders in fighting poverty at home and abroad. RESULTS will train and guide you to create personal relationships with policymakers in Congress and other branches of government. We’ll train and support you to speak powerfully and engage with the media and your community. RESULTS has proven over the past 33 years that when people like you use their voices effectively, we can make progress towards ending poverty.

Attached a one-page background sheet on the program, and more information, including the application can be found here:
More information can be found here: