Bonner Advisory Board accepting applications for 2014-2015

Launched in 2009, the Bonner Advisory Board (BAB) is the student leadership team that oversees the Bonner Congress and works with the Bonner Foundation throughout the year.  BAB Members typically were Bonner Congress Representatives themselves, are selected through a competitive application process, and participate in conference calls and meetings to plan events and facilitate national initiatives across the Bonner Network. BAB Members spend the fall semester planning, executing, and assessing the Bonner Congress meeting and spring semester completing a project that will deepen the national student voice. The Bonner Advisory Board looks for Bonner students who have previously served as a Congress Representative or other national Bonner Network leader, have attended at least one national meeting (SLI or Fall Congress), have leadership experience on campus, and embrace the vision and mission of the Bonner Program. Accepted members serve for a full year and commit to attending the national meetings for that year, participating in regular conference calls with the Bonner Foundation staff, promote spirit among Bonner regions at conferences, and facilitate other Network initiatives such as the Big Idea Project.

• Know, understand, and exhibit the roles and responsibilities of a Congress Representative
• Act as a liaison between the Bonner Foundation and the student network
• Work regularly with Foundation staff on conference design and implementation
• Lead and manage student voice-based projects

Application documents should consist of one .pdf document, three pages in length (single spaced): the first page should be your resume, the second page your cover letter/personal statement, and the third page your answers to two short essay questions.

Resume: Please be certain to include your email address and phone number.

Cover Letter/Personal Statement: Consider these questions: What values, principles, and personal factors (social, economic, and cultural) have shaped your Bonner Experience thus far? What particular qualities, knowledge, experiences, and skills will you contribute to to the Bonner Advisory Board? How do you expect the Bonner Advisory Board to contribute to your professional goals?
1. What role do you believe the Bonner Advisory Board should play in the National Bonner Network?
2. What idea or project do you believe will increase student solidarity and voice in the National Bonner Network? How will you execute?
Send your completed application to by March 7th