America’s Unofficial Ambassadors – Summer Experience Abroad

America’s Unofficial Ambassadors, an initiative of Creative Learning, a Washington D.C. based not-for-profit organization is an initiative that is dedicated to increasing the number of Americans who volunteer in the Muslim World, have an impact at the community level, and build mutual understanding. Through their summer service internship program, they place interns in Zanzibar, Indonesia, Tajikistan, and Morocco. Students and recent graduates volunteer full-time, for six weeks with a school or NGO and have an impact on issues like education or human rights while forming people-to-people partnerships  that overcome stereotypes. At the same time, this program is a  vehicle for students and recent graduates to build their professional  skills and to gain hands-on experience at the grassroots level in the not-for-profit sector. Last summer, 19 students from 10 different universities or colleges volunteered with schools and NGOs in fields  like women’s empowerment, conflict resolution, youth leadership, and environmental conservation in Morocco, Indonesia, and Zanzibar. Together they served more than 4000 hours and published more than 70 blog posts!

The application can be found here:
Stefan Cornibert at AUA ( is happy to speak with students or to do a virtual presentation.