Bonner Foundation Accepting Applications for Summer Interns

The Bonner Foundation is excited to provide summer internship opportunities for up to four students during summer 2014. Each Bonner student selected will focus on a specific issue selected by the Foundation. These issues (college access, poverty-related, early education, civic engagement) are where the majority of Bonner students across the network are focusing their service hours.    Over the course of the summer, interns will find best practices of how programs and students are tackling issues in the Bonner Network, conduct research on trends and efforts of national organizations and the federal government, combine all research to create an issue brief, travel to D.C. and N.Y.C. to develop strategic relationships with national organizations, and assist the program staff in executing  multiple national conferences and gatherings of the Bonner Network.
This internship placement is located in Princeton, New Jersey at The Bonner Foundation, lasts 8-10 weeks, and has tentative dates of June 5 until July 31. The is a paid internship opportunity that includes a $2,800 stipend package ($1000 for housing and $1800 for summer earnings) that will be provided by the Foundation.  If a Bonner attends a scholar school, their summer of service funding will assist in funding the full package.
Application Deadline is Friday, March 14, 2014Any questions can be directed toward Josh.
Ready to apply?
Please submit the following materials to apply to the 2014 Summer Internships:
A) Resume: Please be certain to include your relevant experience, email address and phone number.
B) Cover letter/Personal Statement: Consider these questions: What values, principles, and personal factors
(social, economic, and cultural) have shaped your Bonner Experience thus far? What particular qualities,
knowledge, experiences, and skills will you contribute to the national office and Bonner network? How do you
expect interning at the Bonner Foundation to contribute to your professional goals?
C) Short Essay Questions:
1. What role do you believe students, colleges, and universities should play or should play in addressing issues of
2. Out of the thee issue areas (college access, poverty-related, early education) mentioned, which one would you
like to be your concentration and why?
Please combine all materials into one PDF document for your submission that is 3-4 pages long.
Send your completed application to by March 14th