2014 Policy and Program Associate


Job Summary

The Policy and Program Associate is responsible for developing PolicyOptions, an initiative of the Bonner Foundation; assisting with the development of class meeting curricula; providing administrative support for summer educational programming; and engaging in the revisions of technology platforms employed by the BSP office.

Essential Functions

PolicyOptions Development (50%)

Establishes the Richmond bureau of PolicyOptions, a national database administered by the Bonner Foundation that captures local, state, and national governmental policies and initiatives related to social issues.

Develops a management plan for PolicyOptions that outlines how it will be managed by future administrators.

Curriculum Development (20%)

Conducts research of precedent to identify existing curricula focused on political systems and structures that can inform the development of Bonner class meeting curriculum.

Works with BSP staff to enhance curricula for first-year orientation and Bonner 101.

Educational Programming (15%)

Serves as an ally and liaison to students in the Food and Nutrition Fellows cohort.

Supports the coordination of 6 enrichment opportunities planned by BSP staff for the Food and Nutrition Fellows cohort that will deepen their understanding of food justice in the Richmond region.

Technology and Communications (15%)

Responsible for editing digital videos to be used for peer education initiatives using iMovie software.

Responsible for auditing and enhancing the BSP website.


  • Strong interest in education programming
  • Able to learn new technologies quickly and easily
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and in collaborative settings
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong communication skills
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

Additional Opportunities

  • Attend weekly BSP staff meetings
  • Option to continue daily management of PolicyOptions during the school year
  • Opportunity to interact with the president of the Bonner Foundation regarding standing up PolicyOptions

Schedule and Compensation

BSP encourages candidates to leverage existing funding sources provided by the University, such as BSP earning, living, and rising senior stipends. Three levels of commitment exist for this position:

Option 1: Full-time fellowship (280 hours)

  • 30 hr/week minimum, maximum of nine weeks
  • Start date is flexible
  • Additional $1,000 stipend available

Option 2: Half-time fellowship (140 hours)

  • 15 hr/week minimum, maximum of nine weeks
  • Start date is flexible
  • Additional $500 stipend available

Option 3: Quarter-time fellowship (70 hours)

  • 10 hr/week minimum, seven week maximum
  • Start date is flexible
  • Additional $250 stipend available

How to Apply

Submit a cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Blake Stack at bstack@richmond.edu by Sunday, April 6.