Alternative Springbreak Opportunities. Deadline: Nov 15

Here are two exciting alternative spring-break opportunities:

  1. Spring Break in Richmond: Education

The Bonner Center for Civic Engagement invites students to participate in deep exploration of a pressing social issue in the Richmond context over spring break. Students will have an opportunity to learn, serve, reflect, and build community with other students who are interested in the topic focus.  In spring 2014, the topic focus is education.  Through a series of speakers, seminars, field trips, and direct service, student participants will develop an understanding of the education landscape in Richmond including challenges that students, teachers, administrators, and parents face as well as best practices and intervention strategies.

Additional details and application could be found at this link.

2. Food Justice in Richmond

Common Ground will be offering an Alternative Spring Break entitled Food Justice in Richmond in March, 2014. Featuring trips into the city, to local farms, and non-profits, we will examine our community’s access to local and healthy food. Together we will think about who has the easiest access to healthy food, who does not and who is working to address the disparities. The greater Richmond area provides a wealth of resources including vibrant farmer’s markets, food co-ops, urban gardening initiatives, governmental agencies, food banks, and a vast network of community partners who are working to meet these needs.  If you are interested in healthy, local, fresh, affordable, sustainable food, and understanding the challenges that some people face to accessing it, you will want to appply to this program.

Additional details and application could be found at this link.