Summer Opportunity-LeaderworX Program offered by Center for Faith Justice

The program consists of two components, formation weeks and worX weeks.*   Formation weeks: Community members spend time getting to know each other, participating in robust discussions, taking trips, doing service, praying together and more! This past summer our LeaderworXcommunity took a trip to Washington DC to learn about immigration reform, served breakfast in Trenton, spent a day at a water park, and went to church together.
*   WorX weeks: During these weeks LeaderworX members help to facilitate week long social justice/service trips for middle and high school students. These trips allow LeaderworX participants to share what they believe, mentor young people, and give back to the community. Some of our community partners include nursing homes, day cares, summer camps, soup kitchens, day programs for adults with developmental disabilities, food pantries, and farmers. These are truly life changing trips for the teenagers who attend them.

There are three options for LeaderworX this summer:

Whole summer: June 8th-Aug 13th

First 2/3 of summer: June 8th- July 23rd

Last 2/3 of summer: June 29th- Aug 13th

We are looking for both Senior and Junior level participants.

Senior LeaderworX: Individuals who are over 21 and have at least 3 years of clean driving experience are eligible for this position. There is a $1500 stipend.

Junior Leaderworx: Individuals who are 18-20 year olds or are 21+ but do not meet the driving requirements

All LeaderworX members are provided with housing and a food stipend.

**Check out for more information at or for more info!