International Experience Opportunity

My name is Willy Oppenheim, and I am writing to tell you a bit about myself, my organization Omprakash, and the opportunities for international service and learning that we can offer to University of Richmond students. I graduated from Bowdoin College in 2009, and recently completed a Doctorate in Education while on a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.  Now I am working on developing Omprakash — a project I founded in 2005 — into a transformative learning resource for undergraduate and graduate students in America and elsewhere.

Omprakash is a network of over 150 autonomous grassroots organizations offering volunteer and intern opportunities in over 40 countries. Our Education through Global Engagement (EdGE) program combines online curricula with personal mentorship to prepare and support students before, during, and after international placements within or beyond our network. By doing so, we hope to deepen students’ learning while also increasing their capacity to benefit the organizations and communities with whom they will be volunteering / interning. In addition, we also hope to provide a sort of intellectual baseline so that your many students traveling to many places can engage in meaningful dialogue with each other throughout their experiences. Students pay a modest tuition fee to join our online classroom, connect with expert mentors, and embark on a transformative learning experience. I am attaching a one-pager with a bit more info.

Check out this video explaining Omprakash a bit more and this document (2013 EdGE Overview for Universities) with quick access info.