Bonner Foundation Summer Opportunities Still Available!

The Bonner Foundation Summer Fellowship Program is an 8-10 week summer opportunity where talented undergraduate students are placed to work with organizations in high level internships. This program is unique in that it provides opportunity for Bonner students to be placed in a cohort based model in the same city where they’re connecting to each other to through weekly interactive enrichment activities, connecting their sites by finding unique collaborative efforts, and connecting with Bonner alums in their local areas who serve as mentors.

This summer the fellowship has expanded to 4 new cities along with placing students with partners in Washington DC, New York City and Princeton. Expansion cities include Philadelphia, Albany, Memphis, and Maryville. Positions and application have been posted and we are looking for students who would serve as exceptional candidates for this fellowship.

Community Development Positions

  • Community Impact Fellow with United Way (create community gathering information to assist with the development of local area)
  • Local Racial Relation Fellow with United Way (develop best practices to improve race relations in local context)
  • Strategic Planning Fellow with Community LIFT (assist in neighborhood planning, human capacity-building, and community development)
Environmental Focused Positions
  • Membership Fellow with Shelby Farm Park Conservancy (create ways to increase park usage by locals)
Policy Research & Advocacy Positions (*many of which are AmeriCorps eligible)

  • Anti-Hunger Policy Fellow with Feeding America (research specific legislation and policy issues around food and hunger)
  • National Outreach Fellow with Children’s Defense Fund (organize college students nationally around child advocacy issues)
  • Regional Economic Justice Outreach Fellow with Public Citizens for Children and Youth (research and share the federal and local budget issues affecting local families in the area)
  • U.S. Anti-Poverty Campaign Fellow with RESULTS (work within the domestic poverty campaigns)
Program Development & Management Positions
  • Curriculum Development and Education Fellow with L’Arche (create training and communication materials for L’Arche community)
  • Resource Development  Fellow with Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center (create ways to sustain important and historical content about agency to be shared with local area)
  • Social Media Fellow with Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center (help build social media platforms for agency)
  • Special Projects and Research Fellow with Campus Kitchens (develop new tools and resources to help students start a Campus Kitchens
Youth Development & Empowerment Positions
  • Child Life Program Fellow with Church Health Center (developing health and nutrition programs for children as young as toddlers to 11yrs old)
  • Social Issues Strategist Fellow with Need In Deed (create tools to help address the educational issues of students being served)
  • Youth Service Fellow with Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center (create programming and a safe space for served population)
  • A few positions with Albany program with local Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, and other youth focused organizations
Washington DC Positions
Philadelphia Positions
Memphis Positions
Maryville Positions
Albany Positions
  • Positions many focused in Youth Mentoring and Development, partners include;
  • Boys & Girls Clubs; Troy YMCA; 15 Love, and more. Please contact Bonner Foundation staff to inquire.

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