Apply for Bonner Senior Internship!



Want to be a leader for other Bonners, learn about event programming, volunteer management, resource development? AND You like hanging out with Blake and Bryan on a daily basis?


What do Senior Interns do?


The Senior Intern position is a dynamic leadership role in the Bonner Program. Senior interns work within the structure of the Bonner Scholars Program, while having room to implement their own ideas and creativity. A Senior Intern can take on a wide range of charges (or responsibilities) and are held accountable for these charges throughout the academic school year. One of the major charges SeniorInterns take on is class advising. Each SI is in charge of a class of Bonners — for their class, their responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to: approving class CLAs, approving hour logs, advising class reps in the planning of class meetings and cornerstones, serving as a liaison between BSP staff and individual classes, etc.  Additionally, serving as an extension of the Bonner Scholars Program staff, a Senior Intern must serve as an exemplary role model, representing the Bonner Scholars Program on-campus and beyond. Senior Interns are expected to work 6-10 hours a week in the Bonner Office. SIs also have the option of splitting hours between their service site and the Bonner Office. 
A few examples of projects Senior Interns may be responsible for:

  • Monthly meetings: Senior interns brainstorm meeting topics, align speakers, and develop the plan for each monthly meeting.
  • SLT admissions: Responsibilities include planning and conducting the SLT selection process.
  • Community Building: This involves planning and organizing engaging programming that fosters community within the Bonner Scholars Program.
  • Bonner dinners: Senior Interns coordinate and promote Bonner dinners as a weekly opportunity for community building.
  • Class advising: Each SI is assigned to a Bonner class and serves as a liaison between the class and the BSP staff.
  • There is always room for additional programming and new ideas!

How do I apply?


Please send Kiara Lee ( your resume and a cover letter no later than next Friday, 3/8. When sending it, please title the subject of the email “Senior Intern Application.” Once your resume and cover letters are received, an interview will be scheduled. Plan for interviews to take place during the week of 3/18