PACE Volunteers needed for on-campus tours

From Claudia Brady:


Dear Civically Engaged Student,

I am writing to invite you to be added to the PACE (Pathways to a College Experience) pool of volunteer student tour guides.  Throughout the semester, the University of Richmond receives requests from elementary and middle schools, from across Virginia and sometimes throughout the region, that would like to bring their students for a campus tour.  Two years ago, Admissions asked that the CCE conduct these tours because of the volume of tours requests they received.  The purpose of these tours is not as much to “sell” UR, even though we do love it, but to get these to increase college awareness, as we like to say “plant the seed”.  As such, the tours have become part of the PACE program. Why does this matter to you?  You have been identified as a student who is civically engaged and interested in education, therefore we are hoping you would be willing to add your email address into the PACE Tour Guide Pool.

What does the PACE Tour Guide Pool mean?  It simply means that you will receive emails every time we need guides for a school tour.  If it fits into your schedule then we would ask that you volunteer your time!  At this point you may be thinking, “But I’m not an official tour guide!”  Not to worry, you do not need to be!  We take all the thinking out of it.  We provide a tour route and even an outline of what to say along the way.  At this point, I hope I have relieved your concerns about not being an official tour guide, but now you are wondering about the time commitment.  The time commitment varies depending on your schedule, it could not get much better than that!  Schools ask for tours on different days and at different times; therefore, you only commit to the times when you are available.  By adding your email address to the email pool just means you’ll receive notification when guides are needed, but then it is up to your schedule whether you can help or not!

Please remember, these tours are a great way to interact with students from schools other than the schools where you may volunteer.  They are also a great way to share your love for the University of Richmond and even help plant the college seed within the minds of the youngest of school children!

Please email me at to add your name to the email pool.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you,

Claudia Brady

Pace Action Group Member