2013 Civic Learning Fellow


Civic Learning Fellow, Bonner Scholars Program (2013) – Position Summary


The 2013 Civic Learning Fellow (CLF) will work with a team of Bonner Scholars Program (BSP) staff members to enhance educational programming, develop curriculum, and explore the implementation of new Bonner Foundation initiatives. The CLF will also work with fellow Bonners who are a part of Richmond’s summer fellowship cohort to create spaces that foster learning and community.


  • Work with BSP staff to develop student curriculum across all class years (first year, sophomore, junior, and senior) to focus on the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement’s learning outcomes; namely:
    • Active citizenship
    • Life-long learning
    • Power, privilege, and difference.
  • Work with BSP staff to enhance first-year orientation materials. Primarily, work to co-develop independent study materials to strengthen our students’ ability to learn program requirements via online videos, handbooks, and assessments tools.
  • Coordinate opportunities for Richmond’s summer fellowship cohort to learn about their work and to reflect on their experiences.
  • Explore the implementation of Bonner Foundation initiatives (policy options, international partner directory, etc.).


  • Strong interest in education
  • Curriculum-development experience preferred (and/or strong interest in curriculum development)
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated ability to work in collaborative settings
  • A willingness to learn basic video-editing software
  • Experience formatting basic presentation materials (handbooks, brochures, etc.)
  • Strong work ethic
  • Strong communication skills
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Demonstrated ability to meet Bonner Scholars Program requirements


Option 1: Full-time fellowship (280 hours with Bonner Scholars Program)

  • 30 hr/week minimum, maximum of nine weeks
  • Start date is flexible

Option 2: Split Fellowship (140 hours with the Bonner Scholar’s Team / 140 hours serving with a local nonprofit)

  • Various formats can be explored (i.e., split work weeks, four continuous work weeks with one organization and four continuous work weeks with another, etc.)

Additional Opportunities

  • Attend the Bonner Foundation Student Leadership Institute (SLI) with the Bonner Scholar Team and rising Senior Interns at Earlham College, June 4-7.
  • Attend weekly BSP staff meetings
  • Explore civic learning interests with a staff mentor


  • Bonner Earnings Stipend, $2500
  • Bonner Living Stipend (to be deducted from student summer-living-stipend funds)
  • Rising Senior Stipend, $500 (if applicable)
  • Maximum compensation: $4000

How to Apply