*Blue Sky Fund*

*Blue Sky Fund* is on a mission to create transformational experiences for
urban youth via the great outdoors.  We strive to give young people the
opportunity to actively engage in the natural world and respond with
excellence.  *Explorers* is an experiential education program through which
Blue Sky partners with 3rd grade classrooms in the Richmond Public School
(RPS) system to provide monthly outdoor field trips for students.

As a part of the Explorers program, *Blue Sky offers an internship to
persons seeking professional experience in outdoor environmental education*.
Each intern will receive training in the mission and role of Blue Sky
Fund, environmental communication, group management, teambuilding
facilitation, and Virginia natural history.  Interns will be trained to
lead a group of 8-12 students during our Explorers field trips; they will
facilitate team-building activities and teach basic scientific principles
while fostering a positive learning environment.  Further opportunities for
training, skill development, and local networking will be available based
on each intern?s interests and Blue Sky Fund?s needs.

Find the full job description and application at:

Please email Lara Kling with any questions.