Bonner Families: Cat’s Out of the Bag! (Partially)

For 75% of you, the newest additions to your Bonner families has been revealed! Everyone should have received an email with information on Bonner Littles and the activities you should be doing with/for your family the week that we return from Fall Break (starting October 17). Just in case you forget, you have this blog to remind you!

[Cat out of bag… partially.]

All non-NewBs should have received an email that looks like this:

In it, I’ve outlined the next steps in spreading the Bonner family love:

1. Be sure to pick up your door dec from the Bonner office and put it on your NewB’s door.

2. Fill out the Bonner Family Survey (attached to the announcement email) with your family (no names or super obvious details, please!) and drop it off at your little’s door or in the Bonner office.

3. Leave your little at least one goody, poem, gift, singing telegram, etc. the week that we get back from Fall Break.

Thanks for being so great, everyone. Bonner Families are a great opportunity to develop cohesion in our program and to welcome the first-years into four years of Bonner bliss.

*You will be getting invitations for the Bonner Family Grand Reveal soon, but now is not the time.

Bonner love,