“When Donors Do More Harm than Good”

Do you ever think, “What’s the point of my service?” “Of course there’s a point! Why do you have to be so cynical?!” are some responses we might get if we voice our skepticism to a friend. Sometimes these thoughts make us feel guilty because people tend to associate critical thinking with ‘being an awful person.’ Although it’s not the most pleasant conversation to have, the author of the following blog insists that the worst we can do is not ask.

What if we all took the Hippocratic Oath when beginning our service? Would we take our jobs as seriously as those in the medical profession?

[photo courtesy of Howard University]


“…the first rule of all philanthropy is to do no harm.  It’s not a surprising supposition since harm is the last thing any donor wants to see happen as a result of his or her giving, but it remains a challenge for donors because unexpected consequences are also a fact of life.”


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