Let’s grab dinner sometime…

Thanks to all of you who attended the kick-off dinner last week. It was great to catch up with the returning Bonners and welcome the new Bonners to the family. This Thursday from 6-7pm, we’ll be gathering to do the exact same thing–minus the Jason’s deli–at our first Bonner dinner of the year. Just come on over to D-hall and join us in the Westhampton Dining Room (the room at the end of the hallway beside the frozen yogurt and panini line) once you get your food. If you don’t have a meal plan, just tell Ethel and Al that you’re with the Bonner Program, and head on back. One of the senior interns will have a sheet for you to sign, and the program will pay for your meal.

[photo courtesy of Sun Sentinel]

Bonner dinners give us a chance to reunite and reflect with one another after a long day of service. Had a crazy day in the classroom? Come vent with someone who’s been there. Super excited about a breakthrough you made at your site? We want to celebrate with you. Bonner is a significant part of our lives, and we want to be purposeful in sharing our experiences with others. And rumor has it, the Bonners are some of the coolest kids on campus. Why wouldn’t you want to dine with them??

[photo courtesy of Conflicting Clarity]


This is not a required event, but it is a great opportunity to bond with your fellow Bonners! And of course, you get enrichment hours.

Bonner love,