“Pathway to Civility: National Conference of College Leaders,” 5/15-5/16 (E)

On May 15-16, 2012, Allegheny College’s Center for Political Participation will host “Pathway to Civility: National Conference of College Leaders” (general information, register). The conference is particularly a response to the recent decline of civility demonstrated in the civic life of the United States—a damaging trend of behavior which alienates younger generations from civic processes in which they have only been beginning to participate (cf. Nastiness, Name-calling & Negativity). The gathering will engage students in activities “designed to enhance respectful political dialogue on college and university campuses, and to help student leaders understand the importance of civil political engagement.”

For information not covered by the web materials, or to apply for travel assistance co-sponsored by BTtoP, please email msolberg@allegheny.edu.