New Enrichment Opportunity: Teaching Fitness Classes to Ismaili Women (E)

From Natalia Virani:

I wanted to reach out to any Bonners (or their Nonner-friends) who would be interested in teaching a fitness class to women, of the ages 35-50, on Sunday mornings, at 2500 E. Parham Rd (about 10-15 minutes from campus). Rides can be arranged if needed to/from campus. They can also be paid (not sure of the specific amount).

Classes would begin in April, and be weekly, for about 1 hour of class-time per week, for about 10 weeks if possible.

Here is some information about the group:

Ismaili Women’s Group (IWG) was created to bring together women in our community, to empower them with skills and activities that addressed their physical, mental, social, emotional, and intellectuals needs. The group is open to women between the ages of 25-50, with a majority of participants in the age range of 35-50. It is part of a non-profit organization.

If anyone is interested, please have them contact me at: