Cycle 2 ends Sunday 3/18 (e-submissions due 3/20)

In order to receive your stipend, don’t forget to:

  • Submit 40 Hours of service: enter your 40 hours of service into BWBRS and have them approved by your site supervisor (a minimum of 60% of your hours must be with your primary partner).
  • Submit your Cycle 2 Reflection
  • Attend the March Monthly Meeting 
  • Submit your make-up assignment for the February Monthly Meeting: For those who were excused for the February Monthly Meeting, please submit your make-up assignment.
  • **Submit a Revised CLA: after reviewing comments in BWBRS from Bryan and Blake (to be completed Friday, 3/16) revise your CLA (includes first-year Bonners). Revised CLA’s will be due on Thursday, 3/22**