Solve 2012- Policy Expo, Washington DC (June 21-June 23), (Proposals due 3/15)

The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network will host the Solve 2012: Policy Expo in Washington, DC to highlight the most innovative and effective ways students are directly impacting their communities while shaping the dialogue on how to move the country forward, in 2012 and beyond. From presenting alterative energy policies to Board of Trustees, to data mapping low income neighborhoods to improve distribution of critical services, students are deeply engaging and proactively problem solving.  This will serve as an opportunity to make sure stakeholders, partners, and policy makers have the opportunity to learn from the innovative work students are doing from rural communities in North Carolina to the inner cities of California.

The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network is inviting Bonner students to submit proposals/ Big Idea proposals and showcase them at this year’s Policy Expo.

The intent to submit date is March 15th with their proposals.  Submissions can be made to this form.

For any questions please contact Nefisah Sallim (, and ask for Taylor Jo Isenberg or Alan Smith’s email address.