Bonner Fellowship Program! (Official Launch Coming Soon)

From the Bonner Foundation:

The official launch of the Bonner Fellowship Program is only one week away. Placements and position descriptions are in the final stages of approval and we will be ready to announce them to the entire network next Friday, March 2nd.

At this time visit the  Bonner Fellowship Program wiki page where you can find student, partner and alumni fliers, along with applications for any interested partner or Bonner alum who would like to participate in the program. Student applications will be made available at the announcement of the placements and position descriptions. Look out for direct emails to Directors and Coordinators and a mass email to students via BWBRS next week Friday.

*Here is a list of some of our participating organizations:
– Campus Kitchens (D.C.)
– Teach on the Beach (NYC)
– Teach for America (NYC)
– RESULTS (D.C.)  and more……

If you have very talented students who may want to spend a summer in NYC or DC in this pilot program, send their names to Nefisah (

As a note, the Bonner Fellowship Application process WILL REQUIRE A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION from applicants’ Bonner Director or Coordinator. We look forward to enlisting your help as we recruit our most standout students in the network for this opportunity.