February Monthly Meeting (2012)

Topic: Segregation in 2012: Fact or Fiction?

Question: How are University of Richmond students are segregated on campus and how does this segregation relate to segregation in the context of the City of Richmond?


  • To explore how students are segregated and how they segregate themselves, not limited to race (i.e. status, Greek affiliation, gender, etc.)
  • To review the history of racial segregation and relate this history to Black History Month.
  • To connect segregation in the University of Richmond to the segregation formerly & presently seen in the City of Richmond.
  • To analyze negative effects of segregation.
  • To propose solutions to end segregation and promote diversity.

5-520pm: Arrange room similar to Dhall. Tell Bonners to sit where they would normally sit for dinner.  Instruct Bonners at each table to fill out survey about Dhall. Have Bonners discuss answers at their table.
Greeter: tell students to sit where they would normally sit for dinner at dhall; at 5, tell students to start survey/ TUES: Emily “ “Chairs should be arranged into 3 groups, each representing a room in dhall. They can be clustered into rows, depending on the amount of chairs.

– Students share survey responses with the whole group.
Things to consider:

  • racial segregation
  • segregation based on other factors besides race (gender, sport teams, Greek vs. non-Greek, ethnicity, social class, classification, interests, etc)

520-540pm Brief presentation of segregation in Richmond. Introduction of speaker (Dr. Moeser — Monday; Tuesday — Brian Koziol, HOMES)

  • Difference between segregation in the 20s/30s in Richmond & segregation in  Richmond today (visual representation– map)
  • Factors that influenced it in the past/present & effects, touching on Brown vs. Board, integration
  • Visual representation of segregation in RVA “then” and “now” http://dsl.richmond.edu/holc/pages/intro and presentation

540-550pm: Reflection (depending on time)

  • In your Bonner service, can you see the effects of segregation in Richmond?
  • Do you see any similarities between the way Richmond City and the UR campus are segregated?
  • What can be done to promote integration and diversity in the City of Richmond? The UR campus?

Supplemental Materials
An old US government documentary from 1956 about resistance toward desegregation in Clinton, Tennessee — It’s very long, but very interesting, nonetheless. The first 20 minutes of the documentary give you a pretty good idea of the gist of the film.

Make-up Assignment