2012 Roosevelt Institute Summer Academy Applications

The Roosevelt Institute | Summer Academy fellowship combines a full-time placement in a partner organization with an integrated curriculum of leadership, policy development and implementation. Fellows are provided weekly policy trainings and a speaker series where they can interact with leading progressive thinkers and policy organizations. Throughout this rigorous program, each Fellow will develop the skills necessary to craft, implement, and promote community-focused policy; the product of which is a personalized policy piece. The Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network currently runs the Summer Academy in three major cities: Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C; providing a unique set of experiences and opportunities for each Fellow. Although different in city program, the Campus Network provides guidance in policy writing & research, policy implementation, and professional development under the Roosevelt | Thinks training curriculum.

Each fellowship comes with a minimum $1500 (up to $3000 based upon need). Applicants with financial need or difficulty may qualify for additional funding, to be negotiated after acceptance. We are deeply committed to assembling a diverse group of Summer Academy Fellows that will, in turn, provide diverse and unique perspectives.

Chicago Academy The Chicago Academy focuses on green initiatives in the communities within Chicago. Placed within various agencies and departments of the Mayor’s office, Chicago Academy Fellows work directly with officials to promote sustainable local change. As a Chicago Academy Fellow, you will spend the summer working in agencies like the Chicago Transit Authority, Chicago Public Schools, and Department of Aviation. You will be able to discover the intracacies of working in a city government and observe how policy forms and impact take shape. As a final project, Chicago Academy Fellows write policy recommendations with initiatives that are not only appropriate within Chicago itself, but also can be utilized in cities and urban centers across the country.

New York Academy In partnership with Skidmore College, the New York Academy places Fellows across the city in government agencies and non-profits, including the Roosevelt Institute. As a Fellow, you will engage with alternative power structures outside of government through grassroots community driven work. The New York Academy capitalizes on the diversity of perspectives on community development through the arts, education, equal justice and human rights, economic development, and organizing.

Washington DC Academy The Washington, D.C. Academy focuses on policy topics including defense & diplomacy, equal justice, and health care. Fellows are placed at the Roosevelt Institute | Campus Network office as well as leading policy organizations including the AFL-CIO, NDN-New Policy Institute, Campaign for America’s Future, and the National Academy for Social Insurance. The D.C. Academy utilizes the wealth of resources the Capital has to offer, providing Fellows with the opportunity to experience the depth of the political sphere and help define the country’s narrative in Washington, D.C.

Complete application
1 copy of your unofficial transcript from college or university
2 letters of recommendation (one must be from a supervisor, chapter head or Regional Coordinator)
What attracts you to progressive policy?  What attracts you to progressive action? (500 word limit)
Based on past experiences, what unique qualities and/or talents would you bring to the Summer Academy if accepted? (500 word limit; Hint:  this is your chance to stand out.)
City Specific Essay (If you’re applying to two or more cities, you must answer each essay.)
Chicago Academy applicants: What about working for the city of Chicago appeals to you?  Why are green initatives important to you? (750 word limit)
New York Academy applicants: What attracts you to the challenges of a major metropolitan city?  What is it about community change that has made you apply for this program? (750 word limit)
DC Academy Applicants: What attracts you to a public policy internship in the Capital?  What skills do you hope to gain through your work?  (750 word limit)
Optional Essay: Why Roosevelt?

Program Dates: June 8, 2012 – August 12, 2012

Early Action Deadline: February 15, 2012

Application must be complete and submitted for students who wish to be considered for Early Action.  Early Action must be indicated on the application.  Early Action deadline qualifies for those students who wish to know sooner the status of their application.

Regular Decision Deadline:  February 29, 2012

Application must be complete and submitted for students who wish to be considered for Regular Decision Deadline.  Regular Decision Deadline must be indicated on the application.  Regular Decision deadline qualifies for those students who are not selecting Early Action deadline and will be notified as soon as application reviewing concludes.