October Monthly Meeting (2011)


HIV/AIDS in Richmond, VA– More than a disease


What are the social issues/stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS?


  • To understand the difference between HIV and AIDS
  • To compare HIV/AIDS in Richmond to VA or to the rest of the country
  • To raise awareness of discrimination related to HIV/AIDS


We are going to explore the stigmas and discrimination associated with HIV and AIDS by thinking about how we would react when put in a scenario wherein we are working closely to or living with a HIV/AIDS positive patient.

In addition, Jihad Abdulmumit, Community Case Manager at Fan Free Clinic, will discuss the differences between HIV and AIDS, the demographics of the virus in Richmond, and the stigmas and discrimination associated being HIV/AIDS positive.

Lastly, we will watch Hydeia Broadbent’s online video diary.  She is a young woman how has HIV and documents her life with the virus.


HIV/AIDS Scenarios

You just found out from the Housing office on campus that you will have a new roommate. Ashe/she is moving in, he/she informs you that he/she has HIV. You are nervous about the whole situation because you do not want to share a bathroom or be in such close contact with him/her.

  • Would you feel comfortable sharing a bathroom and a dorm room with someone who has HIV/AIDS?
  • What might you say to him/her if you decided to not live with him/her?  Would you be honest?  If you decided to live with him/her would you feel comfortable talking about it with them?

At your service site, you overheard your site supervisor stating that he isn’t going to hire a potential employee because she disclosed to him that she has AIDS. He justified his statement
as “looking out for the benefit of the rest of the employees.”

  • Do you think this is fair?
  • Do you think your boss was right to make such a decision?

You are an AIDS patient, and you are having trouble paying for your medications. The
government program that normally helps you finance your medications has recently cut
back on funding.

  • What would you do?
  • Do you know where in Richmond to go for HIV/AIDS treatment assistance?  If so, where?

You are volunteering at a free clinic. A new nurse is about to take blood from a regular
patient who you know is HIV positive. You want to inform the nurse, so she will
handle the blood with extra caution.

  • Do you have an obligation to inform the nurse that the patient is HIV positive?
  • If you decide to inform her, what is a proper way to do so in a timely and tactful manner?

Make-up Assignment

Please watch the monthly meeting recap/highlights and review the slide show above. Then answer the questions below and submit the form no later than October 30, 2011.

Link for questions: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en&key=0AqFeH6QkmoQOdG9xTmxZWFQ1bnBaSzVodjlnMmRIZGc