September Monthly Meeting (2011)


Hurricane Irene’s effects on Richmond
What are the similarities and differences between ideal disaster relief response and the real– or actual– disaster relief response in Richmond post Hurricane Irene?
  • To understand Hurricane Irene’s path, damage, and effects in Richmond and in Virginia
  • To identify characteristics of an ideal disaster relief response
  • To track the real– or actual– disaster relief response in Richmond post Hurricane Irene
  • To create a tool that maps all relief efforts and that can be used as a reference
We are going to create a Hurricane Irene assistance web page that tracks the real– or actual– relief efforts in RVA post Irene.  By doing so, we will be able to compare RVA’s actual response to the ideal disaster relief response, enabling us to note gaps.
  1. Once in groups, select 1-2 sectors on which to focus.  Sectors include: religious organizations, nonprofits, government, business, personal networks (friends, family, and neighbors).
  2. Explore websites and record actual relief efforts offered by your chosen sector(s).  Insert findings into the Hurricane Irene Assistance spreadsheet. We will organize these resources for public reference on this page.

Richmond city government

Hands on Greater Richmond
Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce 
Richmond Times Dispatch
NBC 12

Style Weekly
Richmond News- Topix
Newsradio WRVA 1140 
The Voice Newspaper


Neighborhood Blogs 

Important Links: 

Message from Dwight Jones (Richmond’s Mayor)

Insurance Company – Example

Dominion Power

GRTC (Richmond’s Public Transportation) News

RVA Open Source – Episode 22 (Post Irene – Power Outages)

FEMA Website

The PowerPoint provides an overview of the effects of Hurricane Irene in Richmond and the eastern seaboard by presenting data, maps, and photographs
A page with resources for those affected by Hurricane Irene and those in search of hurricane preparation information.